“Summertime Madness”

COSIGN Magazine brief “Summer ’16 Fashion Trends”   Pastel Leather, PJ inspired, Stripes, Sandals  Light pop of color, Fresh face. Wet hair/ Lucky locks Music Inspiration: Summertime Sadness – Lana Del Rey Synopsis: Heat makes you do crazy things. The Story: “Summer Time Madness” (Concept/story written by Sandra Saenz)   When madness takes over we do stupid … read more


Austere Magazine brief “De•bauch•er•y“   Sensual, Unafraid, Fleshy    Succulent lips and skin, Cosmic eyes, neutral tones.   Music Inspiration: Synopsis: Wearing good clothes is a pleasure- Not simply a necessity.   The Story: “De•bauch•er•y” (Concept/story written by Sandra Saenz)  Dark, sensual and reveling.  Makayla believes that wearing good clothes is a pleasure- not simply a … read more

A “Rogue” state of mind

The Zine Magazine brief   Neon, Fur, Urban-esque feel  Braids, hydrated skin, Gold or Silver pigments/glitters Music Inspiration: Synopsis: Ty is a girl who’s life has been easy and full of luxury, yet feels like she doesn’t belong until she meets McKenzie. The girls randomly become friends as they realize each other’s lives represent what they both long … read more